A group of individuals that are passionate and whose purpose is to make the Web Business Solutions available to Small Business just like the Big Business do while keeping the cost affordable.

Innovating Web Business Service


We work with Freelancers and Small Business who wants to be successful in reaching their customers

Whether they are an existing business or just startup, our goal is to make them competitive in the market by providing them a Web Business Solutions that will allow them to maximize their chance of reaching their customers in the Digital Age. We setup smart teams to help our clients succeed.

We Are Focused on Providing Great Quality

Our focus is to provide our clients with Great Quality Website with Social Media Features that will allow them to connect more with their customers

We Are Strong Believers of Great Relationship

We don’t treat you as just one and done but our focus is a long term relationship by providing our clients great customer service by answering their questions quickly and work on any request as soon as possible

ZUMKAD’s Mission

Our mission is to help small business succeed through Digital Presence and allow them to reach their customers effectively. We focus on innovations and great customer service to better serve our clients. We bring together capable, driven, and passionate people – we call them Zumkads’ – to:

Design and Develop a Web Business Solutions


Revolutionize the Excellence of Our Service To Our Clients


Advocate Innovations to Effectively Utilize the Digital Technology

Our People & Culture

Wherever we are, Zumkads’ share the same core values.

We come to work keeping the best interest of our clients in mind. We enjoy each other’s company. We value honesty, transparency, and loyalty. Appearances and backgrounds aren’t important to us; ideas and doing the right thing are.

ZUMKAD Founders

Zumkad was founded by Joey Bandiola. We have 20+ yrs experience in the Technology Business and really passionate on what we do. We formed our business thinking of how we can help the small business succeed in the digital age with a Web Business Solutions at a small cost that is in their reach.

These are the very reasons why we’ve created ZUMKAD Web Business Solutions because Our Goal is to provide them a Professionally Looking Website that will utilize the Digital Marketing to effectively reach their customers while providing Great Customer Service at a low cost but with GREAT QUALITY just like the Big Businesses have.

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“Helping You Succeed Is Our Mantra…”